From State to Federal for LOTS Interpreters

This is the title of a session I plan to present at upcoming conferences; beginning with the NAJIT conference in May. If you are an interpreter in a language other than Spanish, you may or may not know that this is the term used for you and your language pair: you are a LOTS interpreter. In the United States, the Spanish language is ubiquitous, and the need for interpreters is as well. The federal court system long ago established a procedure to certify Spanish interpreters, with one of the toughest tests in the business. The same test is not available for other languages, because the level of need does not justify the expense of developing and administering the test. And yet, the need is still present and I am seeing the benefits of reaching out to district federal courts, at least to help them find the French interpreter they may not realize is living down the block, or across the state. If only somewhere like Hawaii or Oregon suddenly needed an expert in French…perhaps some day.

After the conferences, I will publish further resources and information here. The website for federal court interpreters can be found on the “resources” page.  If you are attending NAJIT or IITA‘s conference this year, stop by and say “bonjour”,”Kon’nichiwa”, or…”aloha”.

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