Resources: Certification, Associations and Practice, Practice, Practice

For interpreters interested in certification. Sources for exam prep, learning about prerequisites, practicing interpreting; both consecutive and simultaneous, codes of ethics for medical and legal interpreters, developing listening skills and professional organizations.


The National Center for State Courts is the body responsible for materials, testing and more for the certification of court interpreters:
“The Bible” for court interpreters: summary of the entire contents of the 2012 updated version:
For information about your individual state and interpreting in court, look up your own state, sometimes with “court” in the search box. For federal court, this is the main page for the United States government:
Excellent, if pricey, resources for community interpreters, books, videos and classes:

Dictionary and language forums:

Linguee allows you to see how other “professional” translators have rendered words from one language to another in print across government documents, the net and other publications (it ranges from super useful and elucidating to not so helpful):


Pro Z: An online research engine for language professionals, with free and subscription options:


Word reference is both dictionary and forum; in different languages, with input from experts and…sometimes the clueless, but a good crowd-sourced forum.

For active listening skills:

Memory and recall:


And, an excellent way to practice your interpreting for both consecutive and simultaneous: audiobooks, available for free at your local library in various formats, at Audible for a fee and other venues.  Just think: you can rewind as many times as you wish, change the speed of narration and listen to something you find worthwhile, entertaining or educational while you train yourself to improve your skills. Add in a recording of your performance and you have a toolkit in a teeny-tiny box or on your phone to become a better interpreter.

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